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What's a LED Display
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What's a LED?

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Q: What is a LED?

A: LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode. A LED is an electronic source of light and is not a light bulb. The first practical visible-spectrum LED was created by Nick Holonynak, Jr. in 1962 and has been refined over the years, resulting in the diode utilized today. LEDs present many advantages over other light sources, including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved brightness, smaller size, faster switching and greater durability and reliability.

Q: What is a Pixel?

A: A pixel or picture element is the smallest unit of picture that can be represented or controlled. In terms of a LED display the smallest unit of picture (pixel) is a single (Red or Amber) LED for the monochrome unit and a group of LEDs (Red, Green & Blue) for the color units. These pixels are arranged in a two dimensional (rows x columns) grid call a Pixel Matrix. A display with more pixels generally has more LEDs, resulting in higher resolution content.

Q: What does the term “pitch” refer too?

A: The pitch is the center-to-center distance between pixels. Traditionally given in millimeters some have provided in inches. Focus Digital Displays provides pitches ranging from 16mm to 35mm thus providing an appropriate solution for any application. The smaller the pitch the tighter the pixel spacing resulting in a higher resolution display.

Q: What does the “viewing angle” of a LED display mean?

A: The viewing angle is the maximum angle at which an LED display can be viewed with acceptable visual performance. That being said, a LED display is brightest when being viewed head on, and though it loses its intensity as you move away from the center axis, the information can still be read up to a defined point. This point, the viewing angle, is two (2) times the ½ brightness angle. Focus Digital Displays offers LED displays with extra wide viewing angles; 140o horizontal and 70o vertical.

Q: What is a monochrome LED display?

A: A monochrome LED display is a single color display that provides various shades of a single color. Traditionally, monochrome LED displays area available in Red or Amber and utilized mainly to communicate sharp bold text. Focus Digital Displays monochrome products provide 4,096 shades of either Red or Amber for improved graphic capability.

Q: What is a color LED display?

A: A color LED display is a display comprised of three colors, Red, Green & Blue, working together to create the full color spectrum. Each of these colors is represented by a LED in every pixel, therefore tripling the total number of LEDs to a comparable monochrome display. Focus Digital Displays’ color LED displays provide the deepest color palates in the industry, resulting in the most lifelike color content available.

Q: Which LED display is best for me?

A: To determine which LED display is best for a given application, there are a number of items to consider, such as audience, location, size and the desired messages to communicate. Once these have been addressed, then we can select which Focus Digital Display will provide the maximum return on your investment.

Q: What is the best way to communicate my information on a LED display?

A: Bold and simple content is the sure fire way to ensure your message is received. Whether you are utilizing a FocusMono for eye-catching text or a FocusColor product for dynamic animation or video, you cannot go wrong with the “little is more” approach. If you would like to leave it up to the experts, then contact our graphics department about one of our Custom Content Creation Packages.

Q: How do I know if my city will allow me to put up a LED display?

A: We will handle it! Focus Digital Displays employs Digital Display experts who have experience in reviewing and working with municipal sign ordinances to determine project feasibility. Ultimately it is your responsibility to adhere to the local laws; however, we will uncover any and all information pertaining to your project to ensure you stay in compliance with your local government.

Q: How much does a LED display cost?

A: Due to the numerous options available it is difficult to answer the question without addressing the items in “Q: Which LED display is best for me?” above. A better way to view this question is: where will the funds come from to purchase the LED display? Many customers look at the purchase of a new LED display as strictly a capital expenditure but when you consider the advertising and communication benefits then considering your marketing/advertising budget as well only makes sense. It is also important to note that Focus Digital Displays provides various financing options too.

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