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LED Display Needs to Do Well in These Aspects of Technical Control

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LED Display Needs to Do Well in These Aspects of Technical Control
Latest company news about LED Display Needs to Do Well in These Aspects of Technical Control

At present, the LED display industry is generally concerned about product quality assurance issues. How to produce high-quality LED displays requires technical control in the following aspects.


1. Design current value The nominal current of the LED is 20mA. Generally, it is recommended that the maximum current used is no more than 80% of the nominal value, especially for displays with small pixel pitch. Due to poor heat dissipation conditions, the current value should also be reduced. According to experience, due to the inconsistency of the attenuation speed of the red, green, and blue LEDs, the current value of the blue and green LEDs is reduced in a targeted manner to maintain the consistency of the white balance of the display screen after long-term use.


2. The arrangement of the driver IC on the driver circuit board on the LED display module will also affect the brightness of the LED. Since the output current of the driver IC is transmitted over a long distance on the PCB board, the voltage drop of the transmission path will be too large, which will affect the normal operating voltage of the LED and cause its brightness to decrease. Technicians often find that the brightness of the LEDs around the LED display module is slightly lower than the middle, and this is the reason. Therefore, to ensure the consistency of the display screen brightness, it is necessary to design the driver circuit distribution diagram.


3. The LED display electronic display assembly factory should have good anti-static measures. Dedicated anti-static floor, anti-static floor, anti-static soldering iron, anti-static table mat, anti-static ring, anti-static clothing, humidity control, equipment grounding (especially cutting foot machine), etc. are all basic requirements, and must be regularly tested with a static meter .

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